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About Dohm Well Drilling in Dowagiac, Michigan

Get experience and professionalism you can trust for all your geothermal and traditional well drilling needs from Dohm Well Drilling Inc. in Dowagiac, Michigan. Our reliability is built into the company itself. We are a family-operated firm that has been doing business since 1954.
Harold Schaus III also owns Ramona Roller Rink and Mini Golf in Sister Lakes, Michigan. It's a great place to find him on weekends if you have a pump or well problem. Harold is the oldest of the boys and has his Michigan Well Drillers license.
When Harold III was growing up, he used his little red wagon and a small wooden ladder as his drilling rig. He would stand the ladder up behind his wagon and, using a hammer, he would pound pipe into the ground. He was playing Well Driller. One of his old play wells had to be pulled out of the ground by his dad with a drilling rig.
Joseph Schaus, next to the youngest in the family, is book smart. He was the one that started using the rotary type drilling and has made the business what it is today. Joe does the directional boring and most of the drilling, along with running the business. He is the boss, unless our mom tells him otherwise. Joe has both Michigan and Indiana well drilling licenses.
Edward Kelly Schaus does the hooking up of wells and service calls. Kelly, as he is called, always has a big smile on his face and is attracted to shiny things. If he sees scrap metal lying around, he will ask if you would like him to haul it away for you. With his scrap-hauling money, he has been focusing on his passion for model T cars.
Regina Hess works in the office and sometimes you may see her out on the job if they need an extra person. Being the older sister of the boys, she jokes that her job is the babysitter. On weekends, she and mom and dad travel around showing Scottish Terriers.

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